Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Pats', the "pickle", Jimmy Legs, the "Turd", what ever you choose to call it, it simply slays fish. I call it the Holy Grail. With all the crazy, wild ass 32 step patterns out there, this one is still the "go to" pattern in most tried and true fly fisherman's box and guide box. They are easy to tie, you can buy the materials  for next to nothing, and you don't cry when you loose one or your rig.

This time of year, all the way through early summer, it works. Simply drop your favorite dropper off the bend, either a midge, two bit hooker, or a smaller stone. A little later, small caddis pattern or attractor nymph. You should do well. 

Pat's Rubber Leg
Hook: TMC 5262, Sz: 4-8
Thread: 6/0 Camel or Black
Lead: .025
Tail: Super Floss to Match Body
Legs: Super Floss to Match Body
Antennae: Super Floss to Match Body
Body: Chenille - Brown, Black, Orange/ Brown, Rust Olive, Coffee/ Black

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