Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cup O Joe Float

Our morning would start very early, usually before the sun was up, we would call this the 
"cup o joe float". It would involve some Orphan Annies and Coffee and our float from Craig to Mid-Cannon. A relatively short float the would provide some great dry fly fishing with no other boat and some great wildlife viewing.

Bent over with a eat on purple chubby.
The pot at the end of the rainbow.

After a long day on the river, bellying up to a frosty IPA at Issack's
is a the perfect capper.
Had the opportunity to fish and float with our great friend Eric, long time guide on 
the Missouri. Eric was showing us some of the finer points of fishing Trico's.
Moving our feathered friend out of a real nice back channel. Damn pelicans.
Ms. Floatfisher again rails another rainbow to the Adipose. Mary
held the title of queen flyfisher for the trip. 
Sheer beauty

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