Friday, July 17, 2015

Ms. Floatfisher is a New Breed

Ms. Floatfisher is very photogenic, and is quick to make friends. Mark Raisler of Headhunters was no exception during our last trip. Recently Mary made the New Breed Chicks Colorado edition .
She was very excited.

New Breed Chicks Rule Colorado Edition

Mary K. with this nice brown trout on the release.
We are keeping ’em wet this summer with our trophy shots not out of the water.
We may slip up once in a while but the entire HH gang is on board. So not as many at all fish outta the water.
New Breed Chicks Rule Colorado Edition
New Breed Chicks Rule Colorado Edition
Keepemwet is the right thing to do and Mary agrees.
We all have plenty of 16″ Rainbows. Do you/we really need more?
May says no, no thanks.
Remember them how they are as they are etched in our memories for life.
Words of wisdom Mary. Thanks a ton for coming out with Brian and we will see you again in 2016…or later this fall for the BWO bite!

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